Thursday, November 1, 2007

El SIstema: Nationalized music education?

Dudamel (conductor of the Los Angeles Phil) was profiled in the New York Times magazine last weekend, and it got me thinking about "El Sistema". He's a product of the Venezuelan music education program, which claims to provide an instrument, lessons, and a seat in the youth orchestra for every interested Venezuelan child, regardless of background or ability to pay. It's a system I'd like to learn more about: if anyone stumbles across this who can refer me to good info regarding "El Sistema", please let me know. There must be lots of alum from the "Sistema" program floating around.


Chryselle said...

We're working on starting a similar project in India. Our website has links to projects around the world - there are many!

Take a look :

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

We're also looking for musicians who could come down to lovely Goa (India's beach heaven), have a lovely holiday and play with our project.

The Child's Play (India) Foundation

Music College Degree Teacher said...

Programs like this are wonderful and so important.