Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Online Resources - Portnoi's book

I'm sure this one has been floating around for a while, but I just found out about it this weekend, thanks to LHoward's post on the TalkBass Forums.

It's a pdf version of Henry Portnoi's "Creative Double Bass Method", which I heard about years ago, but have never before seen. He starts the book with a section on bowing practice and styles, then moves on to "the fingerboard". Oh, and just what we need: yet another position-numbering system. He starts the player in what he calls "V" position (which would correspond to Simandl's "III" position), relying on the "tuning" harmonics to get the student in the right position.

This seems to be a very well thought-out and thorough method, and Portnoi seems to have gone to great pains to explain the "how" and "why" of all the technique very thoroughly.

To find the book, follow this link, click on "technique books" at the bottom of the page, then you can select the Portnoi book to download in .pdf format. I've already printed the whole thing out and will certainly be giving it a closer look (I don't think I can stand another trip through the Simandl at this point . . . )


Richard Prowse said...

What happened to the 'Idiot Files'?

Richard Prowse said...

I just left a smart arse comment before really checking out what you were talking about. Hey, thanks for the link to this book. I'll read it with great interest!

Stan Haskins said...

The videos, man: pay attention! The videos of me playing bass are the newest installment of the Idiot Files.

There is actually a funny story I wanted to write, but it involves me killing an animal and I'm afraid it'll put people off.

I believe I've gotten better (or at least more cautious) about my home improvement projects, too. I installed a whole-house humidifier on our furnace without incident, as well as installing 600 sqft of fiberglass batting. No screw-ups or funny stories.

It's just a matter of time, though.

Richard Prowse said...

I fixed our dishwasher. Isn't it funny how wives are impressed (read slightly 'turned on') by husbands who can fix things?

Stan Haskins said...

I don't know about "turned on", but Jo's always surprised when I get something to work. She always expects me to be completely incompetent.

Sometimes I don't let her down.

Stan Haskins said...

I ought to be practicing excerpts, or the Portnoi book, or something.

Richard Prowse said...

Tell her that 'incompetent' is okay. 'Incontinent' is the one to worry about.
Now, go and practise those excerts!

Celine said...

Well written article.