Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thought I'd pass this on - Kozol's online resources

I just finished reading Jonathan Kozol's latest release, "Letters to a Young Teacher". I have to say, any criticisms I've had of his views in the past have all been addressed in this book. He's at his best here, giving real advice to real teachers "on the front lines" rather than addressing large, intractable systematic and societal problems. This seems a stark contrast to his previous works, which have always given me the impression that he's a great critical writer who is very good at seeing existing problems, but not as effective at offering workable solutions.

I was wrong. Read the book.

At the end, there is a series of afterwards. One of them has some contact information for his educational reform movement, Education Action!

After sending an email to the address listed there, I received a very prompt reply giving me links to some recently established resources. Here they are, go check them out if you are interested in Educational reform in the U.S.:

(quoted from ed-action email)
Our website is up and running (, and I want to encourage you to visit it so you can see the many things we have to offer. Some important features include:

Discussion Board

Jonathan's Suggested Revisions for NCLB
(we encourage all of our network members to "weigh in" on NCLB, whether it be writing to or phoning their Congressional representatives, or some other way of voicing their opinion)

Join Our Network

Find Education & Social Justice Oriented Organizations
In case anyone else is interested, here is the email address to Mr. Kozol's Ed Action! organization:

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